Real juice,
real taste!

Real 100% juice

About us

Słoneczna Tłocznia is a pioneer in the NFC juice sector in Poland. We were the first to blaze a trail in this modern business and persuade consumers to drink unclarified juice sold in 3L and 5L Bag-in-Box packs. Today we are proud to have many loyal consumers and the Słoneczna Tłocznia brand enjoys high recognition. Ensuring perfect quality and taking responsibility for our products are our basic standards. Our juices have received multiple awards and distinctions, such as Teraz Polska, Laur Konsumenta, and the best product in the Horeca industry. We do not interfere with nature, nor use any additives - water, sugar, or preservatives. The result is a 100% NFC juice. Simply real juice with a real taste!



Our awards and distinctions quality


Dobry Produkt Food Star Show Laur Konsumenta Polskie Godło Goldener Preis



We care about every detail of the technological process. From the selection of suitable fruit and vegetables to the end product - juice. We use only healthy fruit, which always comes from reliable suppliers

Asepctic filling

This prevents the overheating of juice, which would lead to a decrease in sucrose resulting in browning and excessive sedimentation. It is a very important element in the technological process.

Never from concentrate

Our juices are a direct product - a 100% NFC juice. We do not use juice concentrate.

Freshly squeezed juices

Our juices are made from fruit and vegetables freshly squeezed throughout the year.

Real juice!

Real taste!

The juices are natural, unclarified and pasteurized. Sedimentation is a natural phenomenon. They are characterized by a rich aroma, while their taste and color depend on the coloring and variety of the fruit.


See how our juices are made!

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